botanical soaps
  • Made with Italian extra virgin olive oil or other local plant oils such as hemp seed, almond, and grapeseed which all have amazing benefits for the skin.
  • Made with herbal infusions. Organic medicinal herbs (some personally hand-picked in the wild) steeped in olive oil and left to infuse, which extracts the natural therapeutic benefits out of the herbs and transfers them into the oil.  This oil is then used in the soap.
  • Handmade using the traditional cold processed method, with each bar having a 4-6 week curing time which results in a mild and gentle soap bar, very gentle on sensitive skin and baby skin.
  • Contain NO synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, preservatives, refined vegetable oils or nasty ingredients.
  • Biodegradable which does not produce the harmful waste for the environment produced by other soaps. It can be used instead of hair shampoo and as a body cleanser.

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