Elisir Oil - Cleanse Hydrate


Elisir Oil is formulated with highly effective and quick absorbing organic oils rich in vitamins, omega fatty acids and antioxidants.
A balanced oil designed to mimic the skin’s own sebum that can offer regulation, healing and protection while moisturize the skin for an effortless glow.
Effectively removing makeup, pollution and dirt.
For all skin types Рoily, combination, normal, and dry. Suitable for dehydrated, sensitive, acne, rosacea, and eczema conditions.
You can even use this oil to smooth frayed hair cuticles by rubbing a few drops in your palms and combing your fingers through your hair
*This product does not contain essencial oils. A distinct deep, earthy, nutty scent emanates from the natural ingredients.

Use: Tip 3-4 drops of oil into your palm, massage into your face working it into the areas around the eyes to loosen make-up and wipe excess product and dirt with dump or dry washable make-up remover disc (handmade, 100%cotton).
Alternatively, you can use the Elisir on clean skin, after toning the skin with Rose&Aloe Toner, without rinsing it.



Jojoba Oil*, Macadamia Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil* infused with Calendula* and Frankincence*, Tamanu Oil*, Vitamin E.



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